September 28th to 30th

BTH Sarovaram, Kochi, Kerala

Visionary Speakers

60+ Participants from 21 Projects

Welcome to Pragati 2019

A bi-annual conference that brings all our partner projects to one platform with a mission to “Connect, Share, and Leverage”. This is the sixth edition of Pragati.

  • $18 million+ invested into social changes that matter
  • 255+ grass roots social entrepreneurs seeded
  • 35+ corporate partners helping with social change
  • 2200+ spirited volunteers across India & USA
  • 30+ NGOs working closely to scale successful solutions

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The past five Pragati conferences have started a vibrant process of collective learning from our experiences on the ground, and from rapidly changing external environments: locally and globally. In addition to serving as a platform for learning from each other’s rich experiences, this conference has also brought in innovations and ideas from experts and organizations in other sectors that impact our work.

This year, we have a different theme and structure. The theme is built around scaling for impact through partnerships with the government and by strengthening your organizations. The sizth edition of Pragati aims at strengthening Vibha’s prime focus area: the public education system.


At the outset, in 2019, we decided to sharpen our focus on public education, now our prime focus area. This means that any new projects we consider, or any significant increase that we do in existing projects, will be on enhancing the public education system.

Our other focus areas remain as vocational training, health (or disability), and job readiness. In alignment with this vision, Pragati 2019 will be focused on the following:

  • Partnerships with the government: exploring the what, how, and why of such a partnership
  • You: to help you tighten your vision, mission, and objectives; to enhance your creativity and strategic thinking
  • Data Collection and Analysis: what data should you be collecting and why? How much is enough and what do you do with it? We will share insights and suggestions from our in house experts on data analytics and shed some light on effective use of digital technology

Key Takeaways

  • Reinforcement of working with and within the public education system
  • Potential strategies and tools to build more efficient and effective partners on ground
  • Clarity on using technology for effective data management

Chairman's Message

Dear All,

Two years ago, at Pragati 2017 in Mahabalipuram, we met to share our experiences, learn new ideas and we took that opportunity to renew our bonds with one another.

Pragati conferences are the platform where we connect, share and leverage our learnings with each other as well as what experts share with us. Over the years, since the first Pragati in 2009, It has been an enriching experience for Vibha and its partners and we believe, has contributed to our journeys of change.

It is Pragati time again, later this year on 28-30th September.

This year, we have a different theme and structure of the Pragati conference. The theme is built around Scaling for Impact through Partnerships with the Government and on strengthening your organizations. This is aimed at further strengthening Vibha’s prime focus area, which is, strengthening the public education system.

The content, structure and format of the Pragati conference has been carefully crafted to address all of the above.

The first day will focus on Partnerships with Government – exploring the what, how, why of such a partnership.

On the following day, our focus will be on you: a creative time to help you to tighten your vision, mission and objectives, enhance creativity and strategic thinking.

On the last day, our emphasis will be on data-driven organizations. Reports that have meaningful insight rather than raw data. We will discuss what data should you be collecting, why, how much is enough, what do you do with it, how do you analyze it, How do you gain insight from it? We will share from insights and suggestions from our in-house experts on data analytics and effective use of digital technology.

The conference is in Kochi, Kerala, this year. I look forward to once again welcoming you to Pragati in September 2019.

Ron Victor
Chairman, Vibha Inc

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