Vibha Shuttles & Smashes

Tournament FAQ


Q. What is this tournament for?

  1. This tournament is organized as a fundraiser by an NGO called Vibha. Vibha strives to educate, empower and enable every individual who wishes to make a positive difference in the life of the underprivileged child.

The main goal of the tournament is for people to enjoy the game, and support a good cause. That being said, the organizers will strive to conduct this tournament with a high level of professionalism to ensure that every participant has a good time. Also, There will be no seeding done based on this tournament

Q. When and where will this tournament be held?

  1. Dates -    5th and 6th December, 2015, from 9am to 7pm
  2. Venue -  Gopalan national school (near Graphite India)

Q. What are the different age groups and event categories?

  1. Groups and event categories are as follows
  • Under 17

     Boys singles

     Girls singles

  • Open

     Mens singles

     Womens singles

     Mens doubles

     Womens doubles

     Mixed doubles

  • 35+

     Mixed doubles

     Mens Doubles

     Womens Doubles

  • Parent +child doubles - fun event

     One player (age 35+) , one player (age under 17)

Note: The parent + child doubles category requires that the participants are indeed parent and child.

Q. How do I register for this tournament?

  1. Click here for the online registration form. Last date for registration is December 1

Q. What are the entry fees for this tournament?

A. Entry fees are as follows.


Note: 5% discount on registering for 2 or more categories.

Q. Can we purchase customized merchandise for this event?

  1. Yes, a pack containing customized sipper and wrist band can be bought for Rs.550.
  2. Pack containing 1 sipper and 2 wrist bands(customized) can be bought for Rs.650
  3. The name on the sipper and wrist band can have a maximum of 7 letters.


Q. Will there be any seeding done for the tournament?

  1.  No, seeding will not be done while making the draws for this tournament

Q. How will the draws be made?

  1. Every doubles team will be randomly assigned to a group of 4. A league will be conducted such that every team plays every other team in their group. From each group, the top two teams will qualify to the next round. In the event of a tie at the end of the league stage, we will add the total points scored in each of the matches, and the team with the higher point tally will go through. Every doubles team will play at least 3 different opponents in the first round 
  2. All the singles categories will have knockout rounds.

Q. How many games will each match constitute?

  1. In the league round (first round), each match will constitute one game of 21 points. The matches in the consecutive rounds will be best of 3 games, with 15 points per game.

Q. Can I play doubles/mixed doubles with someone from a different age group?

  1. No, you can only play with people of your same age group. For example, if you are playing doubles, and you are in the 18-35 age group, your partner needs to be in the same age group. You cannot play with someone who is in the under 17 category or the 35+ category.

However, for the parent+child event, we will require the parent to be 35+ and the child to be under 17.

Q. Who will be referees for the event?

  1. Professional referees will be appointed for every game.

Q. Do I need to bring Identification when I come to the event?

  1. Yes, we will require you to get a government approved document (aadhar, passport, drivers license, voter id) to verify your age. For kids under 17, acceptable age proofs are date of birth certificate and passport.

Q. Is there parking at the venue?

  1. Street parking is available adjacent to the venue. However, we recommend carpooling if possible

Q. Why is the parent+child doubles category referred to as fun event?

  1. The parent+child doubles category can have multiple types of teams playing against each other. For example, a mother and son team might play against a daughter and father team. We will try to avoid such situations from arising, but depending on entries, it may happen. Hence this event will be considered a fun event where parents and children can play together and have a good time. The fees for this event is also lower than the other event categories. However, trophies and certificates will be given to the winners similar to all other event categories.

Q. What kind of footwear is required?

  1. Only non-marking will be allowed. If someone doesn't have the right kind of shoes, they can be rented at the venue for a price.

Q. What kind of shuttle will be used for the tournament ?

  1. Mavis 350 slow will be used for all matches.
  1. Can I purchase shuttles for practice at the venue?
    1. Used plastic shuttles can be purchased for Rs 40 per shuttle

Q. What if there are for not enough entries for a certain event category?

  1. The organizers can cancel a certain event in case there are too few registrations. We will inform you 1 week before the event in case your event is cancelled and the full registration fee will be refunded.

Q. What will the winner get?

  1. Trophies and printed certificates will be awarded to the winner and runners up of each category. Any other prizes depend on amount of sponsorship received and will be intimated to all participants at the event.

Q. Are there any prizes for participation?

  1. All participants will receive a pdf certificate of participation.

Q. Can I cancel my registration before the tournament?

  1. Once you have registered, you can cancel your registration, but the fee will not be refunded.


Please Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case you have any questions

or call 99163-01493 or 99163-01732