What is Dandia ?

Dandia Raas is an ancient, traditional dance form of India performed during Navratri - a nine-day celebration of music and dance to observe the triumph of good over evil.


What should I expect at the event ?

While there is no dress code for the event, most people will dress in traditional, colorful clothing and carry cheerful, festive spirits. You will need to remove your shoes at the entrance of the dance hall so if you are worried it might get exchanged it someone, do not wear your best ones! It is also a good idea to carry a colored ribbon or cord to thread through your pairs so you will find them together (they sometimes tend to walk away a bit). Everyone dances – even if you do not know when you enter the hall, you are usually dancing on your way out. Music tends to get a bit loud so you if you are really sensitive to loud music, you may want to walk into the food or shoe area once in a while to give your ears some relief.


What is the event schedule?

Registration Start: 5:30 pm
Dimple Patel and group starts  at 7:00 pm
7:00-8:00 pm  -3 thali
8:00-9:00 Garba
9:00-9:15 Pooja
9:15-10:45  Dandia
10:45-11:00  prizes and Vibha Presentation
11:00- 11:59 - DJ Hour


What are the parking options?

Parking is free for all paid participants at the event


Is food available for purchase?

Yes, there are various options of vegetarian food available to buy


Do I need to bring my own Dandias (Sticks)?
You are welcome to get your own sticks if you have. You may also purchase it
online prior to the event.   You can also buy them at the venue for a nominal price based on availability.

Are the tickets refundable?

All tickets are final sale and cannot be refunded.


I don’t know this dance form. Can I get some classes so I can come prepared for the event ?

Yes, Vibha Disco Dandia 2017 will be putting together a training session for this purpose. Please stay connected to us via facebook (https://www.facebook.com/VibhaBayArea) on updates regarding the training sessions.